Review: Jane, Unlimited

At least there's a dog. 2 out of 5 stars Jane, Unlimited, by Kristen Cashore I like both Kristen Cashore and the idea of this book much more than the disappointing final product. Read her absolutely excellent Graceling series instead. A sort of choose-your-own-adventure, Jane, Unlimited follows the titular character on a happenstance journey … Continue reading Review: Jane, Unlimited

Review: Scythe

3 out of 5 stars Scythe is quite the unique meditation on death, while at the same time using some really dull elements in juxtaposition. Scythe, by Neal Shusterman (The Arc of a Scythe #1) Citra and Rowan, through separate and unplanned acts, prove their mettle as teens and get selected to apprentice as … Continue reading Review: Scythe