Review: Dune

3.5 out of 5 stars Dune, by Frank Herbert (Dune Chronicles #1) Look, there's no question why Dune is a legendary pillar of science fiction: it's an epic, acerbic, socio-political-religious examination of everything from corrupt government to environmental stewardship. The nearly uninhabitable, highly contested desert planet of Arakkis has a single natural resource: spice melange. … Continue reading Review: Dune

Review: Jane, Unlimited

At least there's a dog. 2 out of 5 stars Jane, Unlimited, by Kristen Cashore I like both Kristen Cashore and the idea of this book much more than the disappointing final product. Read her absolutely excellent Graceling series instead. A sort of choose-your-own-adventure, Jane, Unlimited follows the titular character on a happenstance journey … Continue reading Review: Jane, Unlimited

Review: Furyborn

2.5 out of 5 stars A sort of Franken-book, Furyborn is a watered-down, blended-up amalgamation of ideas that were much better in other YA fantasy stories. Furyborn, by Claire Legrand (Empirium #1) I'm having trouble recapping Furyborn, because my mind keeps wandering to the original source material. So allow me to pull the description … Continue reading Review: Furyborn

Review: Hunted

2 out of 5 stars Meh. This book was fine. But with blisteringly creative, updated, and badass reboots like The Lunar Chronicles out there, Hunted feels tired. Hunted, by Meagan Spooner Re-imaginings must be both easier and harder to write. The bones of the story are there, just elaborate, ! On the other hand, What … Continue reading Review: Hunted