Review: Aurora Burning

4 out of 5 stars

Snark. In space. Sign me up. Aurora Burning, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (The Aurora Cycle #2)

Following Aurora Rising (4.5 stars), I knew I wanted more. And wanted Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff to scathingly scribe my inner monologue for life. Alas, I can only have one of those things. For now.

At the risk of just re-posting all my thoughts on the first book, Aurora Burning is again fast, fun, spunky, and smart. In this installment, we get into the meat of the story: where Squad 312 fits into a huge, mythological story arc that ranges the galaxy and guards life as we know it. There’s hive-mind alien life, non-hive mind alien life that became hive mind to leave behind the only secret to survival, lunatic warmongers lead by a superhot girl, Zila having feelings – this book has it all. There’s even a bank heist! Plus Kal, the deadly soldier-turned-loverboy with preternatural abilities who is the smart, self-defense oriented girl’s Edward Cullen.

If I had one teenie-weenie, itty-bitty complaint, it would be the introduction of aforementioned belligerent hot girl, Saedii. She is also Kal’s sister. By her third scene, I suddenly found her very boring. It was like her plot point was an anchor, keeping us from taking off. It trudged. Amie and Jay do not trudge! They laser! This was slow motion. Luckily, that gets sorted out right quick and she ends up partially dressed with Tyler in totally a) not the way you think and b) the way it would happen to Squad 312. Once they got Saedii into the swing, this book was all systems go.

If there’s one series where I don’t worry about the over-arching master plot being dull, it’s this one. Kaufman and Kristoff have a whale of an idea, and built a kick-ass story around it. For many authors, the characters are the strong point; the story the struggle. While Aurora Burning might have had the first small speed bump I’ve ever seen them hit, they bounced right back to full speed.

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