DNF or Keep Reading? Chain of Gold

This book is very dull. Change my mind.

Goodreads.com: Chain of Gold, by Cassandra Clare (The Last Hours #1)

To DNF, or not to DNF, that is the question facing another 18 hours of audibook as I struggle to get into Cassie Clare’s newest Shawdowhunters trilogy.

I love The Mortal Instruments. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed The Infernal Devices. I had a tough time getting into The Dark Artifices – Lady Midnight is a slog – but the series improved markedly after that and ended up very satisfying. So I’m faced with a bit of The Goldfinch conundrum: People love Chain of Gold. But I’m three hours into the audiobook and bored stiff. It’s got to get good at some point, right?

I probably should not have audiobooked this one. The narrator’s British accent is lovely, but the characters’ babblingly verbose Victorian speech is taking freaking forever to get to the point. I’m one “I guess shall, if you shall, shan’t I?” away from exploding into ichor myself. This problem would be less pronounced on paper.

Also, while the plot reveals that demon activity in London has been very low for several years, accounting for a lot of inexperienced young fighters, most of the Shadowhunters this book so far are useless. Cordelia’s awesome, naturally, as are James, and Lucy. Their associated close friends are passable. But every other society twit of the London enclave seems flighty and inept. I miss the grittier Shadowhunter teens of the other series. Maybe that’s coming in Chain of Gold… if I could ever get there.

Has anyone read this? Loved it? Felt the slow start really paid off, so I should stick it out to be rewarded a la Queen of Air and Darkness? Help, please.

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