Review: Buried Heart

3.75 out of 5 stars Buried Heart, by Kate Elliott (Court of Fives #3)

I confess to being a little confused by the end of the Court of Fives trilogy. Not because I didn’t care, but because the fast-paced, layered plots were all moving in the right direction, and I was excited to find out how it would end.

Jes, once and still a second-class commoner in the land of Efea, finds herself at the heart of a revolution, helping to lead her people against not one, but two foes: invaders from across the sea, and their own colonial rulers. With her scrappy band of sisters, saint-like mother, and military father playing their own roles, Jes’ role is both essential and voluntary. She must confront her feelings for King Kalliarkos and for justice, which may not lie in the same direction.

Kate Elliot’s broad world-building shines in this last installment. Her colorful, complex society is deftly woven. The politics are never dry; instead they are rousing as revolution swells and carries Jes along. For all it’s fantasy and fiction, the clash in Efea feels as real as anything happening in our world today. Question authority – that’s the message here.

I really enjoyed this series. It was fast, fun, and exciting, much like its namesake, the Fives. Elliot’s creative world and inspiring, funny, likable characters feature in a well-told, action-packed story.

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