Review: Archenemies

2.75 out of 5 stars

A little bit better than the first, with a little more hope for the last. Archenemies, by Marissa Meyer (Renegades #2)

NOVA3Listen. There’s making sure we get it. There’s reminding us of an important plot point before the story builds on it. And then there’s Archenemies.

Nova is still undercover with the Renegades, attempting to infiltrate and take them down. The Anarchists have a plan and she’s at the crux. She’s in top form in her job as a villain. She’s also falling in love with Adrian, and it’s pretty cute when she’s not being randomly incompetent in her job as teenage girl. The Renegades are good guy-ing all over town, until they’re not. They’ve got a secret weapon in their fight against anyone who doesn’t follow their rules.

NOVA4This book has many of the same problems as the first installment, but they’re in a stronger framework now. The story is fine – good, even. It’s got action and momentum. It begins to take a more reasonable philosophical shape than the first installment. It’s going somewhere. But for some reason, Archenemies endlessly beleaguers the same plot points. To death. It may be exacerbated in audiobook format, but it’s also a cheap space-filler and really annoying. Meyer has fuel, but she wastes so much of it treating us like we didn’t just read her damned story. Is it lack of confidence; does she think we don’t care? Does she need to fill pages? I can’t explain it, but it’s a hole drilled in the bottom of this boat.

I’m on to Book 3, Supernova, but it’s got some making up to do if it’s going to save this series.


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