Review: Scrivener’s Moon

4.25 out of 5 stars

In Fever Crumb’s finale, the sassy smartypants finds herself racing toward an old tech future and a new traction world. Scrivener’s Moon, by Phillip Reeve (Fever Crumb #3)

IMG-8150Fever ends up with her mother, Wavey Godshawk, who turns out to be almost as detached as her Engineer father. But Fever isn’t like that, not anymore. She’s embraced the smart, strong girl she is, and opened herself to emotion. Fever is a fun and furious spitfire of a heroine.

The story moves quickly from London, which is being pushed into traction mode by power-hungry government, to the badlands of the North, where Wavey takes Fever on a trek to find a mysterious old-tech site. Instead, Fever becomes part of the native clan of nomads. She also cleverly solves a local urban legend, finds out her mother’s secret past, and befriends a new, second traveling circus.

The series culminates with the events that put London into motions for the first time. It’s a wild, satisfying, note-perfect precursor to the Mortal Engines series, and an excellent cap on a series that stands tall on its own.




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