Review: Lifel1k3

4 out of 5 stars

dear people

Goodreads perfectly describes Lifel1k3 as “part Romeo and Juliet, part Terminator” – and that is awesome. Lifel1k3, by Jay Kristoff (Lifel1k3 #1)

This book is super cool right from the get go. Eve is a teen girl, post-apocalyptic mechanic-slash-robot demolition derby fighter, partly enhanced herself by some rigged up electronics implanted to save her life. Her friends are Lemon Fresh, a feisty tween who talks twice her size, Cricket, a smartass BB-8 type that actually speaks English, and a robot dog named Kaiser. That is my kind of gang. They live on the fringes of a destroyed world, trying to stay alive and scrape together money for meds for Silas, Eve’s dying grandfather.

One day, Eve gets into trouble in a souped-up Battle Bots cage fight, and she fries her opponent’s electronics. It sets off a chain of events that brings Ezekiel, an android too perfect to be human. And he’s not the only one.

Cue a wild race to save Silas, themselves, the world. But if someone’s not technically a person, are they worth saving? Loving? Trusting? And what if Eve doesn’t even know the truth about herself?

Reading Lifel1k3 is akin to mainlining a vat of caffeine. Your heart will race, stutter, and probably stop. Then jolt back into action. There’s hardly time to consider the philosophical questions delicately hung amid the falling bombs. And you’ll love every minute of it.


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