Win a WONDER movie prize pack!

Are you ready to meet Auggie Pullman?

WONDER, the movie based on RJ Palacio’s beloved novel, is in theaters November 17. If you haven’t had your heartstrings strummed in a while, watch this:

I know, right? Here’s your chance to win a little bit of WONDER for yourself.

Wonder (2)

This (poorly photographed, sorry) WONDER prize pack includes: a hardcover copy of the book, super cute and useful lunch bag, fidget spinner and – SO SWEET – a set of paper bookmarks featuring the entire cast. I’m also throwing in a $15 Fandango gift card, so you can see the movie on me!

Wonder (1)

I haven’t seen WONDER yet, but it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy of me loving it as much as I know I will.

TWO WAYS TO ENTER: On Monday, 11/13, I’ll choose one at random to win!

  1. On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, write a post on one way you are (or can be) kind, and include the hashtag #ChooseKind. Comment with a link to your post to enter.
  2. Go to the movie website and use the Portrait Creator to make your own Wonder image, then post that to social media. Comment with a link to your post to enter.

Here’s mine, for inspiration. I love it!

Wonder (4)

Check out the book’s website,, or just surf the #ChooseKind hashtags on Twitter. You’ll be sniffling into your Skittles at this movie for sure.

Good luck! While we’re at it, check out Pacer NBPC’s campaign to address bullying. And how amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Julia Roberts looks at 50.

Wonder (5)


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