Review: Stars Above

4 out of 5 stars

I’m normally not a fan of novellas that tell in-between or off-shoot stories, but Stars Above ties just the right bows on the Lunar Chronicles package I loved so much. Stars Above, by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles #4.5)

starsUnpopular opinion: I almost always think novellas are money-grabs. Slices of stories that were not important or good enough to make the larger series, they usually feel like deleted scenes from a DVD. If it’s good, put it in the book. Hell, write a whole book about it – that I will buy! But if it isn’t important (I’m looking at you, Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard), then I don’t care. And if it isn’t even good, then I’m pissed. (Cassandra Clare and your many co-writers, please stop.)

But the ever-overachieving Lunar Chronicles makes an expected exception. Marissa Meyer chose just the right stories: How did Kai end up seeking Cinder’s help? What happened back on Earth, after Luna? What was Winter really like before her sickness? I loved all of these stories. They’re perfect in their brevity, not a note out of place or omitted. And Meyer threw in a gem: “The Little Android”, a Little Mermaid-esque tale of love, loss and her particular universe’s slipping barrier between man and machine.

Then it was over. If I was sad about the lack of a full book, it’s not because the Stars Above stories left me hanging. It’s because I was reminded of the magic Marissa Meyer can weave, and how far Heartless was from it.

That, and the artwork in these books was incredible….


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