WINNERS: Everything, Everything giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING movie giveaway! You picked a wide variety of places that you’d go, if you could go anywhere: Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Australia, or even just the park near your house.

Here are the prize packs, all stuffed and ready to be mailed:

EE prize pack blog 1

Thanks to a random number generator, the winners are:

  1. Lynnette Baylis
  2. Nancy Loring
  3. Elizabeth Henry

Congratulations! But that’s not all. Since it’s my first giveaway, there’s a BONUS ROUND: Everyone who entered gets something!

All those who commented prior to 12PM today, you get a choice between an EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING makeup case or an iPhone case (fits iPhones 6 and 7)! Check ’em out:

EE prize pack blog 3

Nice, right? I also added these to the prize packs for Lynette, Nancy and Elizabeth. For the rest of you, I have enough for everyone to choose either/or, and I’ll email all the entrants directly.

You’ll have all the goodies in time to see EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING when it opens in theaters on May 19. There’s a brand new trailer out to hold you over till then:

Reminder/full disclosure again: I work for a movie PR agency. Doing these kinds of fun promotions is my job! I don’t get paid to post stuff, though. I only post about the things I like.


5 thoughts on “WINNERS: Everything, Everything giveaway!

  1. Lynnette Baylis says:

    Congratulations everyone and thank you so much for this fun giveaway! I sent you my mailing address. I am so ecstatic for this.


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